Summer menu-June 25 thru July 1, 2016


  • Saturday
  • Pork grilled
  •  Asian Quinoa Salad
  •        note(I don’t use the sesame seeds)
  • recipe
  • Sunday
  • Steak grilled
  • Greek Tortellini salad
  • recipe
  • Monday
  • Curry in a hurry -Rotisserie Chicken Salad -over mixed greens
  • (note: I did not use red grapes, or the dressing-served chicken salad over plain greens. I mixed the yogurt & curry in the AM and then mixed with chicken right before serving)
  • recipe
  • Tuesday
  • Chicken Ranch Burger
  • recipe
  •      note: (I mix 1 cup shredded cheddar into the burger instead of a slice on top)
  •       note:    I also use homemade dry ranch mix
  • home made dry ranch mix
  • Black Bean, Corn, edamame with cilantro lime dressing
  • recipe
  • `
  • Wednesday
  • Super Simple Shrimp Tacos
  • note: I use Joseph’s tortillas
  • recipe
  • corn on cob
  • Friday
  • Buffalo Ranch Chicken salad over greens
  •    note: instead of mayonnaise I used light sour cream & Kens buffalo wing sauce
  • recipe


Bellingham Market Basket shopping List

shopping list









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